Pollution at Sea – The answers

Ship Sewage

We recognise that all shipping lines do not want to have to pay large amounts of money to dispose of their waste.

As a business we have looked to provide several answers to cope with waste on ships

We provide aerobic digesters for food waste specifically for ships. They are plumbed into the ships system to dispose of any waste water and CO2 which comes from the machine. After 72 hours the waste virtually disappears leaving just bones which are auto sealed into a bio disposable bag for disposal on land. These units are ideal for small to medium sized vessels,

This is not an anaerobic system which produces gas under high pressure. This is a safe small, efficient means of quickly disposing of food waste.

Larger Cruise Ship Systems

For an ocean going liner with thousands of people abroad the amount of sewage, grey water and food waste requiring to be disposed of creates a problem of huge magnitude. We have now developed a system which takes all of these waste streams. The disposed food waste and sewage is digested by up to 85% leaving small amounts left.

The grey water – which comes from showers, washing machines, hand basins etc and water from the sewage is processed and cleaned up sufficiently to allow it to be used as wash down on board ship.

The residue is processed through the system.

Port waste systems

Waste from a ship is considered as risky and charged as Hazardous waste

Ships that come into port of all types, whether a small liner through to a bulk carrier have the same basic need. If they have not already swilled out at sea, (which is illegal), they will need to clean out their open exhaust scrubbers. In addition empty their bilges which may have 25,000 litres of oily water inside. Many tankers will need to wash the residue or scum from their tanks if taking on a different cargo

Washed into the sea

AT present there are some 3000 plus ships that have exhaust scrubbers. Only 64 have closed loop systems. The rest pump metals and sulphur sludge into the sea.

Ships also need to empty their sewage tank and dispose of the food waste from their kitchens.

We now manufacture a waste treatment plant which can be installed ideally on a ports site or next to it which will take all of these waste streams and process them. A win – win situation. The port can charge for supplying this service and the shipping line will pay a lot less with the knowledge that they have not broken international maritime law by dumping at sea.

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