Equipment Development

Aerobic – marine are in the fore front of developing new products. With years of experience and the ability to install on board ship we are the ideal partner for a shipping company to work with.

twin waste towers with ladders

Manufacturing of specialist equipment is done through our sister company.

Harbour Effluent Treatment Plant

Aerobic marine have years of experience in removing precious metals, chemicals, sewage, organics and oils. We recognise that there is a commercial need to help the marine industry to utilise local resources rather than being economically forced to dispose of such waste through dumping it into the sea.

Most ships have the need to dispose of:

  • Human Sewage
  • Grey water
  • Food waste
  • Tank cleaning due to change of cargo or scum from oil being washed out.
  • Oil filled bilge water
  • If using an open exhaust scrubber – sulphides and other chemicals

Rather than dumping these at sea we are looking to partner and build an on site port effluent treatment works. This will take in all of the above materials and process it turning some of it to energy. From this waste we can either create electricity to power the plant and port or to sell it back to the grid. The caveat to this is that it needs the shipping companies to see a financial advantage to ensure that they utilise such a service.

Is this a cruise ship dumping sewage?

The sea is a living eco system which endeavours to clean itself. The human race depends on the sea water as part of our natural rain cycle. Are we effectively polluting ourselves by what we are discarding into the sea?

How much plastic waste and bottles are discarded over the side. How much waste is put into the sea as it is deemed uneconomical to take it to a port?

Oil? dredged material – whatever – it doesn’t belong in the sea!

A start and an opportunity!

Aerobic Marine and its sister companies have the capability to take and process all ships waste on land. Any water put back into the harbour will be clean and free from pollution.